Earl Hipp

"We teach individuals how to best position for a constantly changing professional environment and help organizations to attract and retain critical talent."

Egert, President of Sisxteslearn LtD., delivers customized keynotes and seminars to major corporations, local and national associations and government agencies across the United States.

Egert´s clients refer to his programs as helpful, practical, motivational, challenging, entertaining, a little weird and eye-opening.


We had numerous thank you's for bringing the session back. So often, keynote speakers have a standard script they follow when delivering their presentation, but you tailored your presentation to provide specific examples related to employees here at the company. The feedback we received was all very positive.

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Given the pressures on organizations to be efficient and competitive, they need talented people, with broad skill sets, who can flex and adapt with organizational changes. An informal mentoring process is one way to develop cross-functional understanding and diversity in an individual's skill base. In a broad sense, an organizational commitment to mentoring allows individual knowledge and experience to flow through the organization.

On a personal level, a mentoring relationship can provide direction, affirmation, support and access to important connections.  If a person has any degree of success in their career, it's because they had important mentors along the way.